About and Liability Requirements

Our Rescue Goals and Requirements

To provide a well equipped and healing environment for the safe placement of abused (and injured by abuse,) neglected and emaciated animals who are ailing. Our Mission is to give each of these animals a second chance at life by providing urgent medical need care, weight gain and management programs, skeletal therapies, emotional support and unconditional love while rehabilitating. Wild Rose Sanctuary Rescue, Inc. is a 501c3, volunteer-based, livestock, farm and equine animal rescue and rehabilitation organization located in south central Texas. Originally Established in 2013 in Wyoming,  as a personal rescue to others in need, we accepted our first out of county rescue in 2015, and became a recognized official Rescue and Sanctuary in 2017 in order to continue to ensure quality rescue, care, treatment and housing of horses and other livestock and farm animals that have medical necessities from abuse and neglect, and urgent care rescue needs. We will receive and care for each animal that comes to us, bringing them back to both physical and mental health. For those animals that cannot be re-homed whether it is a need for long-term care, or simply because the animal was so abused that it cannot be re-entered back into a "pet" situation, our facilities land hosts several retirement pastures as well as proper housing for any animal that cannot be adopted out. Our #1 Goal is that of maintaining our very special rescue, in order to continue to receive and care for and rehabilitate these very special animals.


  • In-State Transfer Liability Requirements make it mandatory for us to require Brand Inspection for in-State transfers to our rescue. Special arrangements can be made for urgent needs as long as communication is involved with Wyoming State Brand Inspectors. A Coggins for EIA is Mandatory for In-State, and Out of State transfers, but a quarantine can be provided if the transfer situation is urgent AND is an in-state transfer. 
  • A Coggins Test Form. A “Coggins” is a blood test that detects antibodies to the disease Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). This is a virus that can cause affected horses (or donkeys) to have fevers, anemia (low red blood cell count), edema (stocking up), or weight loss/muscle wasting.

  • Out of State transfers to our rescue require health and Coggins papers prior to arrival to our rescue. A Brand Inspection will be performed after transfer to our rescue.