Staff, Contractors and Volunteers

Farrier - Wyoming and Texas

Pat Phillips

He is AMAZING!  Providing hoof care to all of our rescues, and greeters.

Rescue Transport

Jennifer Schminkey and her 

side-kick Chihuahua pup she calls "Cowboy." 

Professional Rescue Transport Hauler. Recently bringing a Percheron to our rescue.

Horse Chiropractor

Sallie Hawken

Sallie is shown providing care to our rescue, Duke.  Duke is showing improvement with the help of the Chiropractic care she provides.

Farrier and Navicular Specialist - Texas

An exceptional Farrier out of Dallas, Texas, who also goes above and beyond, especially for our bigger guys and gals with extra special needs like Duke and Oggie.

Equine Skeletal, Muscular and PEMF Specialist - Wyoming and Texas

Amy Irene

An exceptional therapist helping to heal even our most difficult cases.